The lie under Matty’s ‘Twin’

By Joel Thurtell

I’m tired of writing that Matty Moroun can’t build his much-ballyhooed twin to the Ambassador Bridge.

By now, you’d think reporters would know that the city of Detroit owns the land on the US side of the Detroit River where he wants to build his new span.

But here we go again: The February 14, 2014 Detroit Free Press reported that Matty got an environmental permit from Canada for a new bridge. The newspaper failed to mention that the land where he wants to base the bridge in Detroit is in city-owned Riverside Park.

That’s what journalists call a hole in the story.

Big enough to hold a suspension bridge.

I’m re-posting my October 25, 2011 report on how the media are helping Matty trick people into thinking he can build a bridge for which he doesn’t own the land:


Matthew Moroun, vice chairman of the company that owns the Ambassador Bridge and opposes the public bridge across the Detroit River, said Thursday he expects the Canadian government will now look more favorably on his company’s proposal to use private money to build a bridge beside the Ambassador.

– The Detroit News, October 22, 2011

By Joel Thurtell

What gives with Detroit journalists?

Matty Moroun’s plan for building a new bridge beside his antique Ambassador Bridge linking Canada and the U.S. is hot air.

The twin cannot be built for two reasons:

1) He lacks permits on the US and Canadian side.

2) On the U.S. side, he doesn’t even own the land he needs to site his so-called “twin” bridge.

If you don’t believe me, go over to Windsor and note how the bridge approach stops abruptly. Then, stop by the Detroit side and notice how the city’s Riverside Park abuts the Ambassador.

Matty needs park land to build the U.S. side of his twin, and Detroit officials have refused to sell.

If they were so foolish as to sell the land to Matty, there would be a firestorm of public outrage and most likely a barrage of lawsuits, given that state and federal money have been spent on Riverside Park.

Matty simply can’t build that second bridge.

So why do he and his son Matthew keep talking about it?

Because Detroit’s onetime daily newspapers lend his empty threat credibility by refusing to print that the twin is a fraud.

They give Matty’s propaganda machine a free ride.

Metro Times has written about the scam of Matty’s twin.

But I wonder: Why do the Detroit “dailies” keep giving this piece of crap a free ride?

The truth about Matty’s twin?

It’s a lie.

Originally posted in Joel on the Road