WXYZ Editorial: Matty Moroun, Ambassador Bridge, Train Depot & Holiday Cheer

By Ed Fernandez

DETROIT (WXYZ) – We aren’t sure if we should feel sorry for billionaire Matty Moroun or thank him for his generous holiday spirit!

For the second year in a row he has lit up our world-wide symbol of blight – the old, rundown, Michigan Central Train Station he has owned since 1996.

What a wonderful gift from a man who whines about everything.

It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who says Governor Rick Snyder and the Canadian government are trying to ruin his monopoly and very profitable Ambassador Bridge business.

It’s hard to believe this is the same entrepreneur who, along with his family, generously contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to political candidates, officeholders and PAC’s, and is suing the Feds to try and block plans for a competing publicly owned bridge.

Give us a break Matty!

There’s enough business at America’s busiest U.S. /Canadian border crossing to go around.  You’re blaming everyone but yourself for the enemies and business problems you’ve encountered on both sides of the Detroit River.

And now that the winter holiday season is upon us, you want to spread some good tiding and cheer by hanging twinkling lights in your abandoned building.


If you really want to make us happy and give our city a great gift, just renovate this property and the other eyesores you own and you can afford to spruce up!

Happy holidays, Mr. Moroun!

Originally posted on WXYZ.com