Matty Moroun Wants Government To Protect Him From The Government

Deadline Detroit

By Jeff Wattrick

Put-upon small businessman Matty Moroun is just trying to eek out a living running his humble busiest North American commercial border crossing, but the government is out to ruin him by suggesting that there should be a another road for Detroit-Windsor border traffic.

Moroun claims he has the exclusive right to international bridges in this area and, gosh darnit, the government should protect his monopoly at all costs.

Detroit Free Press: Moroun’s companies had already asked for an order blocking construction of the rival New International Trade Crossing, which is to be built a short distance down the Detroit River. The NITC, financed by the Canadian government and with approval from the U.S. State Department in hand, could grab as much as 75% of the existing bridge traffic, court filings said.

[Moroun lawyer Hamish P.M.] Hume said the defendants — who have included Secretary of State John Kerry, former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and others — “seek to usurp” Moroun’s existing decades-old franchise to handle cross-border traffic “by building a government-owned bridge that will occupy virtually the same location.”

The temerity of national governments to believe they get to do decide what public infrastructure goes on their international borders. It’s like what happened to our freedom to own government-subsidized monopoly businesses that control the flow of trade? 

Originally posted in Deadline Detroit