New role for Jeff Watson: Parliamentary secretary to transport minister

By: Claire Brownell

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has given Jeff Watson, the Conservative member of Parliament for Essex, new responsibilities as the parliamentary secretary to the minister of transport.

Watson was named by Harper on Thursday as he announced a new list of parliamentary secretaries. Watson was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004 and this is his first parliamentary secretary position.

In an email, Watson said the appointment was an honour.

“It means my work has been noticed,” Watson said, noting that he’s been serving on the standing committee on transport since 2007. “Transport is a big file. If it floats, flies, drives, or moves it’s under Transport.”

Watson said he’s looking forward to helping the DRIC bridge get built, working on a study of rail safety and finding a solution for Ojibway Shores that “if possible, is a win for the Port and a win for the environment.”

In a release, Harper said he looks forward to working with Watson.

“Mr. Watson will play an important role in helping our Government deliver on its commitments to Canadian taxpayers, including keeping taxes low, protecting Canadian families, and putting our finances on a sustainable path,” the prime minister said.