Windsor’s west-end residents consider joining lawsuit against bridge

CTV Windsor

A town hall meeting was held at Mackenzie Hall in Olde Sandwich Towne Tuesday evening to discuss what could become the largest financial lawsuit in Canadian history against the Ambassador Bridge Company.

Lawyer Harvey Strosberg represents two home owners who claim their community is turning into a slum because some homes purchased by the Canadian Transit Company, the bridge company, are rundown. “The C.T.C. will drag it out as long as possible, but sooner or later justice will prevail.”

The company has acquired more than one-hundred properties over the years to make way for a second span.

Strosberg says their seeking $10 million in punitive damages.

Ambassador Bridge president Dan Stamper was in attendance Tuesday night and says he’s willing to talk to anyone who has an issue. “Everything we ever bought was a willing seller willing buyer. The idea that these homes are still up we all know why.”

Stamper says the real reason the houses are still standing is because of the city of Windsor’s refusal to allow the bridge company to tear down the dwellings.