West Windsor Court Battle


Written by Mike Vlasveld

Henry Strosberg of Sutts Strosberg, LLP, is getting set to interview each west Windsor property owner who thinks they’ve got a case against the Ambassador Bridge company.

A public meeting was held last night at MacKenzie Hall, where many residents voiced displeasure about living amongst abandoned homes in their neighborhoods that were bought by the bridge company hoping to build a twin span.

Strosberg says the problem is that the Canadian Transit Company, which owns the bridge company, think they’re above the law. “They have to comply with the Windsor minimum housing standards, and if they don’t do it, the property owners will make them do it, or pay for it.” The lawyer says it could be years before any of these personal lawsuits come before a court.

Meanwhile, CTC President Dan Stamper was also at last night’s meeting. He says residents who have an issue can call him directly and he’d be glad to help. “We’ve never condemned a piece of property and we’ve never expropriated a piece of property. Everything we’ve ever bought was a willing-seller-willing-buyer. The idea that these homes are still up, we all know why, is the city has refused to let them come down.” Stamper claims the City of Windsor has by-laws in place that have kept the homes from being demolished.