Ambassador Bridge ups tolls for 18-wheelers

Fleet Owner
Deborah Whistler

The Ambassador Bridge tolls went up 25 cents for all vehicles on Aug. 15, a 5.3% hike. A discount of $1 per trip is available with a frequent user “Reward” program and use of a 3M 6C electronic toll sticker tag.

Truck tolls have risen a quarter for each class of truck. Class A  (0 – 36,000 lbs.) went from $3.25/axle to $3.50/axle; Class B  (36,001 – 54,000 lbs.) from $3.75/axle to $4/axle and Class C  (54,001 – 145,000 lbs.) from $5.25/axle to $5.50/axle

The Blue Water Bridge U.S.-Canada operated by the state of Michigan has truck tolls of $3.25 while the Canada-U.S. trips tolled by the Canadian BWBA are $3.50 with a prepaid account and $3.75 without. The Blue Water Bridge has no electronic toll discounts like the Rewards available at the Ambassador Bridge so for frequent users the Ambassador Bridge remains competitive on price, according to a Tollroads News report.