Editorial: Top 5 political decisions that changed Michigan’s course in 2012

Detroit Free Press

Snyder decides to fly solo on bridge deal

With Republican lawmakers still balking at the construction of a new, publicly owned bridge across the Detroit River, the governor hinted early in 2012 that he was exploring ways to do the deal without legislative approval.

In June, when he joined Canadian leaders in unveiling an omnibus deal in which Canada agreed to front the costs of building both the bridge and the infrastructure to link it to metro Detroit’s freeway system, Snyder simultaneously averted a showdown with his own party’s lawmakers and neutralized Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun’s legislative allies.

Unwilling or unable to recognize an upswing in public support for Snyder’s plans, Moroun underlined the shift by squandering $33 million on an unsuccessful campaign to enact a constitutional amendment he hoped would block its construction.

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