It’s Time to Build the Bridge

A look at what others are saying since the voters rejected Proposal 6

“We’re very pleased to see the support of the people of Michigan for the new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, which is very important to the economies of both our countries. Whatever battles lie ahead, this bridge is going to be done.”
– Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister

“The sooner we can build that bridge, the better off we are in creating jobs.”
– Governor Rick Snyder

“We’re very heartened, Canadians are, that Michiganders have seen through the campaign that was waged by the owners of the Ambassador Bridge and that clearly Michiganders have decided they want a bridge built.”
– Roy Norton, Canadian General Consul to Detroit

“The failure of this proposal means that the two governments can get on with putting up the new bridge – known as the New International Trade Crossing – scheduled to be ready for traffic in 2017. It is long overdue. Seven years ago, the Canadian Senate Committee on National Security and Defense, in its report Borderline Insecure, urged the federal government to do everything in its power to put a new span in place by 2013.”
– Colin Kenny, Former chair of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defense

“The defeat of Proposal 6 clears the way for the construction of the new bridge across the Detroit River. This is good news for travelers, workers and industry on both sides of the border who will benefit from the new publicly owned bridge.”
– Denis Lebel, Canadian Federal Transport Minister

“I think the vote is great. One of the reasons I think that is that we are constantly talking about developing the corridor from here all the way up to the Canadian border, so the idea that there is the potential for a new bridge that is a bit closer to the city of Toledo, that could increase the commerce we are doing in Canada as well as northern America, and that is a benefit to everybody.”
– Mike Bell, Mayor, City of Toledo

“There will be pay checks for our people working on construction of the bridge. Only American and Canadian steel will be used. There will be no cost for Michigan taxpayers. Our total cost will be paid by bridge user fares. This is truly a free bridge.”
– John F. McEwan, Former Mayor, City of River Rouge

“Any time you get hung up, it costs you time and certainly costs you money. This will be a huge boost to us as we send parts, powertrains, and vehicles back and forth across the border.”
– Bill Ford, Jr., Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

“This will be a real test to see if the Morouns really do think that the people should decide. The people have clearly decided now. Are they going to let the new bridge proceed? Or are they going to throw up frivolous lawsuits to delay?”
– Sandy Baruah., President and CEO, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce

“This is a great victory for citizens and businesses on both sides of the border. Michigan and Canada share one of the largest trade relationships in the world. With this wise decision voters have signaled they are ready to cooperate on a huge project to enhance that partnership.”
– Perrin Beatty, President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“It looks good on the people of Michigan. There has been so much misinformation bandied about but they weren’t buying it. It restores your faith in democracy. When you drive a truck from Toronto to Miami you go through 16 stoplights, and 15 of them are in Windsor.”
– David Bradley, President, Ontario Trucking Association

“Voters seem happy with the job Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature have done in the past two years, and they aren’t about to let loads of money from special interests throw the state into reverse.”
– Detroit News

“No matter what measures Moroun takes, the process is too far along to suffer significant setbacks. The bridge company, however, has suffered many, including the Gateway Project ruling that sent both Moroun and bridge president Dan Stamper to jail for illegally rerouting Detroit traffic to their entrance.

This is an exciting time for people in Windsor and Detroit. The build will result in thousands of jobs and increase cross-border trade and travel.

And Moroun? Well, he asked the people to decide, and they decided they wanted to build a new bridge and embrace prosperity. What more is there to say, except go away?”
– The Windsor Star

“This battle has dragged on for nearly a decade, and this is the most economically important border crossing in America. The people have spoken. The new bridge is legal. It will create jobs and not cost Michigan a cent. Elections mean something, and this one means both governments should begin building it as quickly as safety allows.”
– Jack Lessenberry, Political Analyst, Michigan Radio

“Michigan voters decided Tuesday that they’d prefer leaving infrastructure decisions, like building a new international bridge, to the people we elect and pay to make those decisions. And the people we elected to make this decision believe this bridge is necessary.”
– Jeff Wattrick, Columnist, Deadline Detroit