When will a new bridge be built?

Process will take a long while, Calley says

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Lt. Gov. Brian Calley helped defeat a proposal to amend the state constitution requiring a vote before any international bridge is built in Michigan. In Grand Rapids Monday he laid out the reasons why a new bridge is necessary.

A new bridge, he said, would shorten the crossing time and increase trade revenues. The argument the owners of the Ambassador Bridge make is there isn’t enough traffic to justify a new bridge. But Calley said the companies bidding on the process to build the new bridge will research that issue for themselves.

Calley said the bridge building will take a long time. Many things must happen before bids can even be accepted.

And it may cost a bidder more than $1 million just to prepare the bid.

The Moroun family – who owns the Ambassador Bridge – lost at the ballot box by a 59-41 margin. But it’s possible they may file a lawsuit to prevent any forward movement.

As it stands, construction may begin as early as 2014.