Give it Up Matty!

After two years, spending more than $50 million, and being rejected by the voters, it looks like Matty Moroun is going to continue his misinformation campaign. These lawn signs started popping up in south Detroit neighborhoods this week.

Matty Moroun, the same man who generously offered the people of a Michigan an opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) via Proposal 6, is now trying to hoodwink the people of Michigan after they rejected his self-serving ballot effort – a losing effort that cost Moroun upwards of $33 million. Moroun has now started funneling his money into a southwest Detroit campaign depicting the NITC as a “Canadian-owned” bridge. This distinction is incorrect, improper, and only serves to further confuse the people of Michigan. The fact of the matter is that the NITC will be jointly owned by Canada and Michigan.

It’s time to give it up Matty. The voters have decided.