Letter to the Editor: Proposal 6 backers twist truth to sell their points


One advantage to voting yes on Proposal 6: We won’t have to change all the letters in the title of the Michigan Constitution. It will still start with M. — The Matty Moroun Constitution. We will have shown, not only the rest of the country, but the entire world, that the state of Michigan can be bought.

Another major problem: The proponents of Proposal 2-6 of the referendums are, in almost every case, telling flat-out lies and distortions of the truth. I won’t say that the people pushing the referendum (Proposal 1), and opposing all others, are not getting a little creative, but, in most cases, their rhetoric is, at least, somewhere near the truth.

Let’s insist that our politicians pass a law that says, “Everything stated in any commercial, must be, provably, the truth.” That would shut them up.

Should we pass Prop 3? Well, the auto companies swore up and down that they would not be able to achieve the gas-mileage goals demanded by the government after the 1974 oil embargo. Surprise. They have not only met them, they have surpassed them.

If you say “No car will be sold in the United States that does not meet, or surpass, a certain gas mileage, by a certain time,” it will be done. Same thing applies to energy. Just going to all LED lights would cut use by a massive amount.

No matter what you vote on, vote. A hell of a lot of people died to give you that right. Don’t blow it off.