Editorial: How bridge proposal would boost government costs

Detroit Free Press

Proposal 6, which requires voter approval of new international bridges or tunnels, includes a provision that would bar the Legislature from even putting such a project before voters.

If the amendment championed by public bridge opponent Matty Moroun passes, voters would be able to approve a new bridge or tunnel only after a successful petition drive to place it on the ballot.

The full amendment, which is only summarized on the ballot voters will see Nov. 6, says:

“The procedure for seeking a determination by majority vote of the people under this section shall be that procedure provided by law for the submission and approval of petitions to propose, enact, and reject laws by initiative.”

It gets worse: Under the initiative procedure outlined in the constitution, the Legislature can approve any law proposed in a successful petition drive. But Proposal six would mandate a popular vote on any petition to build a new international bridge or tunnel.

So even if the state Transportation Department and the Legislature agree a new bridge or tunnel is needed, they would still have to pay someone to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to put it on the ballot. That’s not a reasonable way to govern.