Letters: Don’t fall for the Ambassador Bridge owner’s lies

Detroit Free Press

Manuel (Matty) Moroun cares nothing for the welfare of the State of Michigan. The only welfare he cares about are his own selfish interests. Why should he care if hundreds of good jobs, boosting construction companies, suppliers and other industries in our state, are lost if “the people decide” against the new bridge between Michigan and Canada. Moroun is doing everything he can to see that it will not be built.

He must not succeed.

The distortion and lies spewed out daily on television and elsewhere urging “the people” to vote against the new bridge is an outright insult to Gov. Rick Snyder and the prime minister of Canada. Moroun is alluding to them as liars.

It has been stated by both of these leaders that the cost of the bridge will be borne solely by Canada. Yet this grasping excuse of a business owner continues to inundate us with more distortions and lies in order to convince the naive, gullible and uninformed in Michigan that they will lose out if the new bridge becomes a reality.

We will all lose out if it is not built. The only winner if the bridge is voted down will be Moroun and his cohort.

Naomi Susan Solomons
Oak Park

There ought to be a law

I can’t believe that this country doesn’t have a law to prevent anyone from airing lies in TV ads. Matty Moroun is sinking to new lows by saying the public bridge will cost teachers, police and fire fighters their jobs, as well as taking money from seniors’ pensions.

How can it be OK for this guy to pay off politicians and judges who then vote how he wants, then spend $10 million on lies and misinformation to try to convince the public to preserve his bridge monopoly? This spoiled, greedy billionaire is used to buying his way.

Bill Bessler
Royal Oak

Spread the truth

When is the governor going to start refuting Matty Moroun’s false advertising about the bridge? You keep drumming this garbage into people’s homes via TV ads and people will start to believe it. Does the governor think he’s going to win this issue without a fight?

Michael Yoshonis

Know before voting

I have a question for Matty Moroun. Why are you spending a zillion dollars to build a bridge that is a losing proposition?

If people can’t see through his manipulation, they better do their homework before voting yes. I am no fan of Gov. Rick Snyder, but he is right on regarding the bridge.

Arlene Niskar
Oak Park