VIDEO: PROPOSAL SIX – A Billionaire’s Special Interest Monopoly Standing in the Way

Originally posted by Governor Rick Snyder

If there’s one proposal we’ve heard a lot about, it’s Proposal Six.

On the surface, the issue is about the New International Trade Crossing – the new bridge to Canada. But if you dig deeper, you’ll see that Proposal Six would have even more far-reaching consequences.

While he proposal is intended to protect one company’s monopoly on truck crossings between Detroit and Canada, it was sloppily written and jeopardizes ANY bridge under construction today that won’t be completed by January 1, 2012, or any bridge built thereafter.

We need the new bridge to Canada – and modern infrastructure – if we want to reinvent Michigan and bring more and better jobs to our state.

Thanks to an iron-clad agreement, we can build a new bridge to Canada without any cost to Michigan taxpayers. The project will help industries all across our state grow stronger which would lead to important long term job creation. In the short term, it will help create 10,000 new construction jobs.

The new bridge will be a great benefit for our state, and we shouldn’t let one billionaire and his special interest monopoly get in the way.