How can a new international bridge to Canada impact local business?

By Andrew LaCombe

MARQUETTE — The Consul General of Canada, who is based in Detroit, spoke to Marquette County business leaders on Friday morning at Northern Michigan University.

Part of Roy Norton’s presentation focused on the new international trade crossing a proposed public bridge between Detroit and Windsor. The financing and construction would be shared between the US and Canada.

The bridge would provide an alternative at the busiest Canada-US commercial border crossing, but there’s opposition to building the bridge.

On the November ballot the Michigan International Bridge Initiative, or Proposal 6, is a constitutional amendment requiring voters to approve any new bridge or tunnel from Michigan to Canada.  The new bridge is opposed by the owners of the Ambassador Bridge, who expect to lose money by having competition.

“But it’s really about certainty of transportation capacity,” said Consul General Roy Norton. “Firms that invest and expand their plants need to know if they do a lot of trade back and forth, there will be reliable transportation in the future.”

To learn more about the proposed bridge and the ballot issue, go to this website.