Lt. Gov. Fights New Bridge Smear Campaign


It’s been almost two months since Governor Rick Snyder signed an agreement with Canada for a new bridge. Now Lt. Governor Brian Calley is calling on local businesses to support it.

“It is a grassroots campaign effort in order to get the facts out to regular people across the state,” Calley said.

It’s a way of combating a ballot initiative and multi-million dollar smear campaign out of Detroit by the Ambassador Bridge owner, who doesn’t want the New International Trade Crossing built.

“The ballot initiative will not undo the agreement that we have in place, however, the owner of the Ambassador Bridge spending $10 million telling lies, and when you turn the volume up on the lies that high, then it’s going to have an impact, and so that’s why it’s important for us to counter act that with the facts,” Calley said.

During a town hall meeting at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Calley and Canadian Consul General Roy Norton handed out a “facts sheet” to the business leaders who attended. The Lansing Chamber said they hope to follow suit.

“It’s up to the private sector, business leaders, it’s up to organizations and associations like the chamber of commerce to continue to support the development and again, getting it back to the end of the day this is all about jobs,” said Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce President Tim Daman.

More than 10,000 jobs will be created for this $1 billion project, which will cost Michigan taxpayers nothing. That’s a selling point many Michiganders don’t believe.

“We’ve signed an agreement which it’s black and white clear, that Canada assumes all reliability and responsibility and Michigan assumes none,” said Norton.

Bridge tolls are expected to pay Michigan’s $550 million share, and after that, the revenues are split with Canada.

The next step for the bridge is getting a Presidential Permit, which already has a lot of support. Then they’ll begin acquiring property in Michigan in order to start construction.

Calley plans on holding more meetings with local businesses across the state before the November ballot.