Snyder Seeks Presidential Permit For Bridge Project

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder said he expects to get a presidential permit to build a second bridge from Detroit to Windsor by the end of the year.

Despite some opposition, Snyder plans to move ahead with the project that he said will increase international trade and create thousands of jobs.

Talking to reporters on Monday, the governor said a ballot proposal calling for a public referendum on the issue would only make state laws more complex.

“Because, if you think about it, we go to the constitution to do a bridge project? We don’t want to overly complicate our constitution,” he said. “We typically make good decisions (and have) good judgment and government partnership with our citizens, so I don’t think we need something like that.”

Snyder said the permit requirement is only a minor complication.

“There will always be some legal speed bumps on a project like that, but we’ve got a good track record of getting over those speed bumps and using relentless positive action and moving forward,” Snyder said.

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