Ambassador Bridge bomb threat, comments irk politicians

CBC News

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis is not impressed with comments made by Dan Stamper, the president of the Ambassador Bridge Company.

Stamper said a bomb threat made against the bridge Monday was somehow connected to the Canada Border Services Agency.

Stamper “suspected” the threat had something to do with Canada’s cutbacks and labour dispute with customs agents.

Francis said if Stamper has information it would be wise for him to share it with investigators.

“Otherwise, to throw hyperbole out there on to a sensitive situation, for what purpose but try to muse oneself, I don’t think it’s helpful in this situation,” Francis said. “Having said that, many of us know Mr. Stamper and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to criticize the government where he can criticize the government.”

NDP MP Brian Masse, his party’s border critic, said Stamper’s statement was “ludicrous.”

“I don’t understand why an operator would start pointing fingers so early,” Masse said.

Masse said the threat strengthens the case for a second bridge.

“This is why we need a new border crossing. We need redundancy in the system and we need to be very serious about investigating these allegations, and hopefully there’ll be some good follow-up to find out if they can who actually made these threats,” Masse said.

Detroit Police are investigating the threat at the Ambassador Bridge, but have no updates.

Last week, a similar threat was called into the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Windsor Police are now looking for a taxi that picked up a passenger across from the tunnel entrance around the time last Thursday’s threat was phoned in.