Letters: Let common sense and the new bridge prevail

Detroit Free Press

Letters to the Editor

Reading the opposing opinions of two lawyers on the legality of the new bridge to Canada, I’m reminded of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, who rejected the legal gamesmanship of English Common Law in favor of the common sense of a jury of our peers.

Lost in the blather of legalese are the questions about benefits to the region as a whole. The myopic Legislature is obsessed with election-year budgets and balance sheets, especially those for their own campaign accounts, so their judgment is tainted. The governor is similarly tainted by his tax plans that put businesses before humans.

If this comes to a vote of the people, the jury of the whole, common sense will likely prevail over Manuel (Matty) Moroun’s self-serving TV blitz. Furthermore, there is a third side to the legal battle, in that this is an international project for which federal law may trump any arguments based on the Michigan Constitution.

Dennis L. Green, Farmington Hills

Millions in advertising

Nearly $10 million is what our friend, Matty Moroun, has generously donated to TV stations and other advertising media last year and so far this year, to try to stop the new bridge to be built to Canada by someone other than him.

Speaking of Canada, what is Moroun going to use to convince the Canadians that his bridge can be built where they don’t want it? How many more millions? I guess the Canadian TV stations can use the money, too.

Moroun could have put all that money into his city of Detroit and become a hero known as a great benefactor helping to restore the glory of the city. Oh well, it’s only money.

Robert J. Shoens


Think about legacy

Matty Moroun could better spend his millions tearing down or fixing the old Michigan Central train station, rather than fighting the new bridge project that both Michigan and Canada want. It is time Moroun worry about his own legacy versus Gov. Rick Snyder’s.

Mike Williams


Disgusting waste

How can Matty Moroun and his company continue to fill the air with their lies? How can our TV stations continue to take in all that money from him? It is disgusting to watch.

With all that money, he should finish the work he was supposed to on the bridge he already has.

How did one individual get control of the busiest international bridge in the country in the first place? No individual (and his family) should own such an important thing.

Sharonne Fogle

Oak Park

Petition deception

I was approached by a fellow with a clipboard while shopping outside of a sporting goods store on Dixie Highway.

He asked me to sign his bridge petition and, being a reader of the Free Press, I knew it was one of Matty Moroun’s attempts to get signatures. I told him that I like the bridge as proposed by the governor, and I wouldn’t sign his petition.

He said that the petition was for the governor and that the governor was behind the petition signing. I told him that he was being deceptive and to quit lying to get signatures. He was still out there when I returned from the store.

Larry Edwards