VIDEO: Say Yes to Michigan’s Bridge

The New International Trade Crossing (NITC) is vital to enhancing Michigan’s economic strength, security, and future. Building a modern bridge between Detroit and Windsor will move our state forward by:

  • Creating a demand for 10,000 jobs related to the NITC project.
  • Opening new global markets for farmers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers across our entire state.
  • Allowing Michigan to maximize federal matching funds for use on highway projects across the state.
  • Providing additional capacity to meet long-term demands as the economy grows.
  • Minimizing the likelihood of an economic disaster should the other crossings sustain a lengthy shutdown.
  • Attracting new investment to Michigan.
  • Reducing costs to job providers, especially the auto industry. Estimates show that border regulations and delays now add significant costs to vehicle production.
  • Providing a direct connection between I-75 in Michigan and Highway 401 in Canada, reducing the amount of truck traffic that goes through residential communities.
  • Helping to establish southeast Michigan as a global transportation hub.