‘Mattycrat’ = rich bully

By Joel Thurtell

Plutocracy (from Ancient Greek ploutos, meaning “wealth,” and kratos,
meaning “power, rule”) is rule by the wealthy, or power provided by

– Wikipedia

We have heard that Gov. Snyder intends to do what we’ve expected, but
hoped he wouldn’t do: go around the will of the Michigan Legislature
and the people who elected them, in order to advance his own agenda.

– Mickey Blashfield, henchman for Matty Moroun

Hey, Matty — I hear you caught amnesia.

That’s the only way I can figure that preposterous statement by your
toady accusing Gov. Snyder of “going around the will of the Michigan

How else but through stunning lack of memory can you justify claiming
the governor is circumventing the Legislature “in order to advance his
own agenda”?

Let me refresh your memory, Matty.

Who was it, Gov. Snyder or you, the billionaire sociopath, who
lavished money on members of the Legislature and bottled up the
governor’s bridge bill?

Whose money — Gov. Snyder’s or yours — bought the committee votes that
prevented the governor’s proposal for a new international bridge from
coming to a vote in the Michigan House of Representatives?

Yes, the governor had an agenda — bringing the New International Trade
Crossing project to a vote in the Legislature and building a
publicly-controlled bridge between the United States and Canada. Plain
as can be.

What is your agenda, Matty?

All too clear: retaining your monopoly bridge, an antiquated span that
can’t handle today’s truck traffic between Windsor and Detroit, let
alone the kind of traffic we need to grow the region on both sides of
the border.

You achieved part of your agenda by making sure the full Legislature
would not have a chance to vote yes or no on the new bridge.

You are the one who thwarted “the will of the Legislature,” Matty.

Your agenda is clear, despite the millions you spend on propaganda.

Disguising yourself as a poor, idealistic small-d democrat, you’re
posing as defender of the people.

Some citizens blessed with billions of excess wealth find ways of
doing good. Think of Bill Gates, spending a fortune around the world
to improve public health.

I’m sorry. I demean Bill Gates by mentioning him in the same paragraph
with you, Matty.

While vilifying the governor for trying to find legitimate ways of
building a new bridge, you’re throwing your bucks at the November
ballot and meanwhile polluting the airwaves with false advertisements
ballyhooing the “merits” of a decrepit bridge that profits one sleazy

You want to veto a bridge that would drain profits from your monopoly,
despite the obvious benefits it will have for everyone other than you.

You figured you could trick voters into doing your dirty work.

Now you realize that Gov. Snyder — along with our federal government
and the governments of Canada — are about to outfox you.

If construction starts on a new bridge before you get your November
vote, your ballot proposal will be shown for the farce it is.

Now let me ask you another question, Matty: If you are such a
principled democrat, why are you not seeking a plebiscite in every
community that would be affected by construction of a new bridge?

Why stop with Michigan?

Why not go for a ballot proposal in Ontario? In the entire United
States and Canada?

Risk management, that’s why.

You know how to corrupt Michigan politics. Corrupting the rest of the
United States, let alone Canada, would cost far more money and be
certain to fail.

What you really believe in, Matty, is government dictated by whining,
greedy rich guys like yourself.

Plutocrat — that’s you.