Deadline for new bridge

By Joel Thurtell

The deadline is nearly upon us for building a new bridge between
Detroit and Windsor.

And the deadline I mean is not the November election, when billionaire
goon-monger Matty Moroun may or may not have his proposal to ban all
but Matty-owned international bridges from Detroit on the ballot.

No, what I mean is the July 7, 2012 deadline proposed by the loose
cannon proprietor of this blog, namely me, for starting construction
of the government-promoted bridge.

Now, I don’t mean to tie Gov. Snyder and MDOT down in any way.

Nor do I mean to hamstring the Ontario provincial government or the
federal governments of the United States and Canada.

A few days or even weeks before or after July 7 will be okay.

Preferably before.

So don’t worry, bridge makers.

Let’s just get the thing started and trump Matty and his ballot trick.

I see signs that my deadline may have been taken to heart.

Otherwise, why the meeting in Windsor between Gov. Snyder, the US
ambassador to Canada and various state, provincial and federal
transportation officials from both sides of the border?

The parties are keeping mum about what they decided.

My guess?

The date.

The deadline for starting.

Did joelontheroad jump the gun?

Or are the governments going to break ground before July 7?