The Detroit International Bridge Company Is At It Again

With Matty Moroun and Dan Stamper fresh out of jail, the Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC) took their misinformation campaign to the airwaves once again. In their latest statewide television ad, the DIBC urges viewers to say “no” to the New International Trade Crossing (NITC), claiming the project will be the cause of new gas taxes and car registration fees. Below is the latest claim made by the DIBC:

DIBC: “Snyder really wants to bypass the legislature and spend $2 billion on a new bridge.”

NITC: The New International Trade Crossing will not cost Michigan taxpayers a cent. The State of Michigan will not expend any tax dollars to the authority and will not be liable for any debts or obligations as the legislation states:

An agreement involving the authority and a public agency of Canada relating to the Canadian contribution shall not impose any obligation on the department, the authority, this state or a political subdivision of this state to repay the Canadian contribution from revenues other than project revenue and project contribution.

Furthermore, should the tolls collected from the bridge fall short of the dollars needed to repay the Canadian and/or private investors in the project, the Canadian government has agreed to accept the responsibility for any shortfalls.

The ad inaccurately connects gas taxes and car registration fees, which would be used to repair Michigan’s roads and bridges, to the construction of the proposed NITC. The ad also fails to mention a several key points regarding the NITC including who will pay for it.

The bridge itself will be paid for by private investors through a public-private partnership financing agreement. The Plaza, I-75 connection, and Michigan’s share of the custom’s plaza will be paid by the Canadian Government’s $550 million investment in the project. The Canadian government and private investors will be repaid by the tolls collected on bridge and Canada has also agreed to accept responsibility for any project shortfalls.

The DIBC has succeeded once again in creating a misleading ad, littered with ambiguous statements. The only truth behind the latest DIBC ad is that Governor Snyder has asked the legislature to find additional ways to improve existing roads and infrastructure that have absolutely nothing to do with the NITC.