New bridge closer, says Canada’s ambassador to U.S.

The Windsor Star

Posted by:
Chris Vander Doelen

Final approval of a second bridge crossing over the Detroit River continues to inch toward the finish line, says Gary Doer, Canada’s Ambassador the United States.

Doer tells that only “a few more items” remain to be resolved before the new DRIC bridge (or NITC bridge in the U.S.) gets the go-ahead on the American side. The Canadian side is mostly ready to go.

Doer also suggested that Prime Minister Stephen Harper might have been joking last week when he told a press conference in Washington that the bridge would be done before he “leaves office.” Doer says Harper uttered those words with “a twinkle in his eye.” Harper’s humor is so dry, it often goes unnoticed.

When I read about Harper’s utterance, I wondered: that doesn’t sound like the bridge is going ahead any time soon! Harper will be prime minister at least until the fall of 2015, when the next election is scheduled. Even his opponents say he can probably win that round if his own party doesn’t rebel against him. The opposition is that weak, fractured and underfunded, and Quebec is playing Silly Buggers again.

So the bridge will be underway by 2019, then? Not exactly soon for a crucial project. What if Harper decides to challenge Sir John A. MacDonald’s record time in office and stay in the PMO until 2023? (I just threw that in to prompt the sound of retching from Harper’s haters).