Ohio House unanimously backs proposal for NITC bridge to Canada

By John Gallagher
Detroit Free Press Business Writer

The Ohio House of Representatives has joined the list of supporters of the New International Trade Crossing, the proposed new bridge linking Detroit and Windsor.

Ohio state Rep. Terry Boose said that his colleagues unanimously passed his resolution this week urging support for the construction of the NITC project, an initiative proposed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Canadian officials.

“I sponsored this resolution because both Ohio and Michigan need more jobs,” Boose said. “By opening up more lanes of traffic across the Detroit River, our states can benefit from the existing commerce, as well as the new commerce that the increased commercial traffic flow the project will bring. I’m pleased that it has the support of the Ohio House.”

Boose’s House Resolution 198 was companion legislation to Senate Resolution 141, which was recently passed by the Ohio Senate.

“These resolutions constitute strong statements that reliable transportation capacity to and from Canada, going forward, is of vital importance to job creators and workers across the industrial heartland of the USA,” said Roy Norton, Canada’s consul general to Detroit.