SEMCOG Reaffirms Support for NITC

To:  The Honorable Speaker of the House Jase Bolger
The Honorable Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville

Dear Speaker Bolger and Majority Leader Richardville:

I am writing again on behalf of SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, and MAC, the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, to express our unqualified support for the passage of legislation authorizing the New International Trade Crossing.  Our two organizations represent the public and private sectors throughout the region, and join with an almost unanimous throng of business and government leaders who believe this is an exceptionally important issue to the economic future of the region and state, and strongly endorse creating an authority with the power to build a second span across the Detroit River.

Late last year, we sent you a letter (see link below) urging action.  While it makes many strong arguments in support of the NITC, let me briefly make a few more points.  First, the NITC proposal is a public private partnership, and as such, decisions regarding the wisdom and profitability of the investment will be made by professionals who understand trade, market forces, and economic benefits.  Second, this massive infrastructure project will be built without costing the Michigan taxpayers a penny.  The Canadian government understands the importance of this crossing and has agreed to pay all construction costs.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, the NITC will add to our capacity and stature as a major trade corridor and transportation logistics hub.  If we don’t seize this economic opportunity, another border city will.

A lot is at stake.  You have the mantle of leadership and the power to change our economic destiny.  Please consider immediate legislative action on this important issue that will boost our economy and provide jobs now and into the future.  Do not let this chance slip away to stand up for sound public and fiscal policy – supported by business, labor, chambers of commerce, local and state government leadership, and the national governments of Canada and the United States.

Thank you.


Paul E. Tait, CAE
Executive Director, SEMCOG
President, MAC

Cc:  Governor Rick Snyder
Lt. Governor Brian Calley
House Democratic Leader Richard Hammel
Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer
Members of the Michigan Legislature
Rich Studley, President & Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Sandy Baruah, President & Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Regional Chamber
Tom Shields, President, Marketing Resource Group