The Day Moroun and Stamper Went to Jail: Top 10 Tweets

@AnthonyLaPenna: This is the real 1% Movement! #OccupyAJailCell #NITC

@CurbedDetroit: Matty Moroun is in jail. Maybe @MarthaStewart can send him a crafting book so he can stay busy?

@EricDimoff: Manuel “Matty” #Moroun is trading in his corporate attire for an orange Wayne County jump suit.

@freep: Jail should get Moroun’s attention

@HuffPostDetroit: @KwameKilpatrick any advice for Matty Moroun? @freep says he’s headed to your old jail cell

@maefeliz: About time someone pays for not holding up their end of a contract. It’s only been 8 years in the making.

@samlars: #Moroun finally going to jail. Commence progress.

@SHendersonFreep: There’s no joy in seeing Moroun jailed, but there are valuable lessons on #greed

@TomShields: Moroun in jail. Even a billionaire can’t lie to a judge for two years and get away with it.

@wxyzdetroit: JUST IN: Mug shot of Bridge Company billionaire Matty Moroun –