Moroun continues to blame others for his jailing

Even as they were carting Manuel “Matty” Moroun off to Wayne county jail, the owners of the Ambassador Bridge blamed the judge for their sentence for contempt of court.

The judge gave them two years to comply with the court order to fulfill their contractual agreement to build the ramp from the expressway to the Ambassador Bridge. The sate spent $230 million taxpayer’s dollars to build their portion of the Gateway project only to see the Ambassador Bridge owners ignore their end of the agreement.

In response, the DIBC has released the following statement:

Without a trial, without a jury, with no notice stating the reasons for them to appear, a judge viciously lashed out at Matty Moroun and Dan Stamper today and ordered a penalty outside the bounds of a civil case that was excessive, unwarranted and outrageous. This is the same judge that refused repeated requests for site visits to actually see construction on the Gateway Project. This entire legal process has clearly become a personal vendetta by the judge against these individuals.

Given the DIBC’s track record of lies and deceit, it is hard to imagine the legislature or anyone else trusting them to build the second span across the Detroit River.