A bridge too far — my shopping mall

JANUARY 11, 2012
By Joel Thurtell


There goes my plan for a shopping mall on Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge.

The Michigan Court of Appeals put my hopes on the skids with its ruling January 10, 2012, that billionaire Manuel “Matty” Moroun must show up in Wayne County Circuit Court so Judge Prentis Edwards can levy penalties for Matty’s refusal to comply with the judge’s order to get rid of a duty-free store and gas pumps that line his pockets with cash but defy his agreement with the state to improve the vehicular approach to the bridge in Detroit.

Matty’s lawyers said The Big Man shouldn’t have to appear in court because he doesn’t really own the bridge.

Matty claimed the bridge is really owned by family members through a holding company.

Since he’s not the owner, why should he have to show up in court like any other citizen summoned by a judge? Come on — he’s a billinonaire!

A lot of people made fun of Matty, because his claim to not be the bridge’s owner seemed self-serving and downright absurd.

Silly, really.

Well, that’s how it appeared to others.

It seemed reasonable to me, because I saw my golden opportunity.

If Matty claims not to own the bridge, and the idea that it’s really owned by a holding company is ludicrous, then who really owns the Ambassador Bridge?

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