Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder reiterates support for border crossing: ‘We need to build the bridge

By Dave Hall, The Windsor Star

DETROIT, Mich. — Michigan governor Rick Snyder repeated his support for a new international trade crossing between Ontario and Michigan Tuesday, saying it’s still a priority for his state government.

“We need to build the bridge and we continue to work the process to make sure it gets done,” said Snyder at the North American International Auto Show. “It’s about jobs in the short-term and the long term.”

Snyder said that if you drew a circle using Montreal and Chicago as the circumference points, the Detroit-Windsor area would be right in the middle. He said that the region represented in the circle would make up one-third of North America’s economic product.

“It’s a natural job creator and it needs to happen,” said Snyder. “My view is let’s get a bridge built and we’re working towards it.”