Anatomy of a smear


By Jack Lessenberry

Having the right stuff:  Earlier this month, Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards Sr. again ruled against Manuel “Matty” Moroun, who owns the Ambassador Bridge. Judge Edwards has long had the outrageous idea that Moroun should follow the law, live up to signed agreements and comply with court orders.

Moroun has continued to fail at these things, including failing to comply with an order to tear down duty-free structures he illegally built on city property. So the judge ordered Matty Moroun to appear in court Jan. 12 to face contempt of court charges.

This apparently outraged Matty, who then sent his son Matthew, aka MM the Lesser, out to smear the judge. He charged that Edwards was being mean to his daddy because he wanted Gov. Rick Snyder to appoint his son, Prentis Edwards Jr., to a vacant district judge seat. This was clearly absurd.

Judge Edwards was ruling against Moroun when Jennifer Granholm was still governor. Nevertheless, the Morouns love the art of the Big Lie, as their multimillion-dollar campaign against the needed new bridge demonstrates. My guess is that at the very least, Matty and his DNA-carrying mouthpiece thought they would prevent the younger Edwards from getting a judgeship.

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