Bridge ‘logic’

By Joel Thurtell

The Occupy Wall Street people got the boot.

After a scant few weeks taking over a privately-run public park, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said enough was enough.

Out you go.

Can’t steal a public park.

Ditto for the Occupy folks in Oakland, California.

Vamoose, trespassers!

Funny thing.

The logic that says squatters get the bum’s rush from public parks doesn’t work in Detroit.

Manuel “Matty” Moroun put padlocks on the public boat launch at Detroit’s (I repeat, PUBLIC) Riverside Park and installed a chain link fence with phony Homeland Security signs on the portion of the park he needs to build his fantasy, a new bridge to replace the piece-of-0crap Ambassador Bridge. Then, he assigned shotgun totin’ goons to harass people who tried to use parts of the park he hadn’t fenced off or padlocked.

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