Ohio and DRIC

The Windsor Star

Ohio senators have joined the growing list of DRIC supporters, voting last week to endorse the public-private partnership plan to build a second bridge across the Detroit River.

They also acknowledged how important the relationship is between the two countries, with $30.9 billion in bilateral trade moving between Ohio and Canada last year. That, said the senators, supported 300,000 jobs.

Clearly senators in the Buckeye State get it. The puzzlement is why legislators in Michigan do not. Or, more to the point, why many have allowed themselves to become so beholden to Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun that they would put their state in economic peril.

The Ohio senate is sending copies of its two-page resolution to Michigan politicians, including Gov. Rick Snyder.

Hopefully Snyder will use this declaration to full advantage, sharing the information with Michigan voters. It’s time citizens there heard the real story of how elected leaders who support Moroun in his bid to quash the deal – and who accept his campaign contributions – are denying citizens the chance to receive desperately needed infrastructure money. The people need to know.