Commissioners Move Closer to Resolution on International Bridge Crossing


KALAMAZOO –  Kalamazoo County appears ready to approve a resolution urging state lawmakers to approve the second bridge to Canada over the Detroit River.

The proposed bridge would be a third crossing to Canada from Michigan, along with the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge.

Commissioner John Gisler, who wrote the resolution and pressed the issue, said it’s a tremendous deal and he rejects arguments from opponents that the bridge should remain in the hands of the private sector.

Gisler said there is nothing wrong with a little competition, and right now it’s a monopoly, saying the project really only opposed by the owner of that monopoly, billionaire Matty Maroun who has spent millions on TV ads to defeat it.

Several commissioners wanted to approve the resolution last night, but a few commissioners say they wanted to look into the issue themselves first before voting. It will be back in two weeks.