Chamber Committed to Continuing NITC Support

Following a legislative setback to the New International Trade Crossing (NITC), the Detroit Regional Chamber remains committed to working in support of a new border crossing until this crucial infrastructure project becomes reality. Despite the fact that legislation to authorize the NITC failed to garner the votes needed to be reported to the full Senate for a vote, the Chamber supports efforts to move the project forward.

The Chamber’s President and CEO Sandy K. Baruah released the following statement after the legislation was voted down in the Senate Economic Development Committee:

“Expanding capacity over our border with Canada has been one of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s top priorities for over a decade, there have been numerous ups and downs throughout this process. The actions of the Senate Economic Development Committee certainly represents a setback, but the Chamber and our members continue to believe in the vital economic impact of the NITC and encourage the Senate to act favorably on this project on behalf of their constituents and job providers. The opponents of this crossing have effectively spent millions in an attempt to hold back progress for our region and state, but no amount of money will change the truth that the NITC is crucial for the short, medium and long-term health of Michigan.”