Build new bridge, ignore hysterics

Battle Creek Enquirer

Letters to the Editor

Recently I received three robo calls within the span of one hour, from Americans for Prosperity, urging me to call state Sen. Nofs and demand that he vote against the proposed new Detroit-Windsor bridge project.

This invasion of privacy prompted me to call Sen. Nofs’ office in strong support of the new bridge. And to call Americans for Prosperity and register my annoyance with them.

The Ambassador Bridge is privately owned – the only international border crossing in the country in private hands, or at least the only major one. If private ownership of border crossings is so fine an idea, then perhaps the U.S. should offer some of the large U.S.-Mexico crossings to some of the private interests in Mexico. No doubt some of the drug cartels would be only too happy to own so strategic a piece of real estate!

Private ownership of bridges may be a good idea in some cases, but not for international crossings. The proposed jointly-owned new bridge is a common-sense solution to a major problem.

Is traffic on the Ambassador Bridge declining? Yes, and headed to Port Huron’s twin spans, and quicker processing.

Build the new bridge, and ignore the hysterics of (Ambassador bridge owner) Matty Moroun. Thank Mr. Moroun for his time, and give him a complimentary one-way toll waiver.