Letter to the Editor: Build the new bridge

Detroit Free Press

We strongly support the construction of the New International Trade Crossing bridge. Canada is willing to provide the initial funding for our portion, to be later repaid by tolls. Michigan is set to reap the benefits of $2 billion of matching federal highway funds, which could be used to improve roads and bridges all over this state.

If we do not build this bridge with Canada, we will forfeit a new crossing to another location, probably Buffalo, N.Y. The economic impact will last for decades.

The owner of the Ambassador Bridge, Manuel Moroun, has let the Central Train Depot decay and become known worldwide as an icon of urban blight. He continues to defy federal and state authorities regarding the construction of the entrance ramps to the Ambassador Bridge. Canada does not want his proposed bridge because of its adverse traffic impact on the city of Windsor. Moroun’s recent television campaign is disingenuous at best, and misleading.

This state needs the jobs, the transportation infrastructure and the commerce that will come with the NITC bridge.

Gwen and Bruce Markham