Senate Testifiers Don’t Reveal Moroun Connection

On Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Richard Urban and Joseph Casaroll testified as former executives at General Motors and Chrysler, but what they failed to mention to the committee was their personal connection to the Moroun’s. Both Urban and Casaroll sit as Independent Directors on the board of Universal Truckload Services, Inc. Joining them on the board is Chairman, Matthew Moroun and Director, Manuel Moroun. Universal Truckload Services, Inc. was once a subsidiary of CenTra, Inc., a company owned by the Moroun’s. The company was spun off as a public company in 2004, but the Moroun’s still own a controlling interest in the company. Urban and Casaroll failed to mention that they had any connection with the Moroun family or their business ventures during their Senate testimony. We are sure it was just an oversight.