LETTER — Consider who’s paying for those anti-bridge TV ads

Holland Sentinel

Hamilton — Be very careful who you believe when you see TV ads. There is one ad currently being run which is very critical of Michigan building a new bridge over the Detroit River. The ad goes on to say that Gov. Snyder is trying to build a memorial to himself when Michigan roads are in dire need of repairs.

I am not particularly pro or con regarding the building of the bridge but my eyes were opened when I read an article in the Sept. 20 Windsor (Ontario) Star.  The writer states that Matty Moroun, who owns the Ambassador Bridge, has spent $5 million on TV ads battling a new Detroit-Windsor bridge. The article states that Moroun has been fighting to stop the crossing in order to protect his $60 million in annual revenue as well as untold millions in profits from sales of duty free gas and goods.

Canada has offered $550 million to pay for Michigan’s share of construction costs. Perhaps there is a different slant to these ads than we realize.

Lawrence K. Ritchie