Three billionaires want to sell you on a bridge

By Laurie Bennett

The billionaire Koch brothers are throwing support behind billionaire bridge and trucking mogul Manuel Moroun.

Moroun, who owns the 81-year-old Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, is opposing construction of a new, publicly-financed span across the Detroit River.

He currently has a monopoly on heavy-truck traffic between the two cities and argues, quite rightly, that a new bridge will eat into his revenues.

Moroun, who ran the bridge operation quietly for years, has mounted a very public campaign to stop the project. He wants to build a new six-lane bridge himself, next to the current one.

Americans for Prosperity, an organization co-founded by conservative businessman David Koch, has joined the fray, sending out a mass mailing in support of Moroun.

The campaign frames the issue as a private entrepreneur vs. big government.

Those who’ve sat through the interminable traffic jams on the four-lane Ambassador might better view it as three billionaires vs. millions of motorists.