OCC pledges support for Detroit River International Crossing

TORONTO – Because the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) supports international trade, strategic infrastructure developments and the safe movement of goods and people, it stands on record as a proponent for the Windsor Essex Parkway and the future Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) or New International Trade Crossing (NITC).

“Millions of jobs are dependent on cross border trade,” said Len Crispino, OCC President & CEO. “And when you consider that on average $1.6 million crosses the Canada-US border on a daily basis, it is clear that infrastructure surrounding future trade hubs like the Detroit-Windsor crossing is extremely important to the overall health and growth of the province.”

The OCC is supportive of government plans to build an Ontario-Michigan crossing in the Windsor-Detroit corridor and acknowledges this border crossing involves more than just the crossing itself. Complementary infrastructure needs to be constructed to facilitate the crossing on both sides of the border.

While some have tried to stall the project, the OCC is confident of DRIC’s role in creating a more efficient border system for the province and encouraging the growth of industry and tourism. Efficiency makes Ontario a destination for talent and investment, which in turn means jobs and economic growth.

“Decreasing congestion and increasing efficiency for the safe movement of goods and people is major concern for businesses and the jobs that they support,” Crispino insisted. “We encourage legislators of all political stripes on both sides of the border to make the necessary approvals and bring together the appropriate assets needed to get this crossing built.”

The OCC stands with its members, such as the Ontario Trucking Association, and the entire provincial business community in support of the Detroit River International Crossing and the accompanying infrastructure it requires to bring growth and prosperity to both Michigan and Ontario.

About the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC): The OCC is a network of 160 local chambers of commerce and boards of trade in the Province of Ontario, representing 60,000 businesses of all sizes, in all economic sectors and from every area of the province. Being recognized as the single, most influential and respected voice for business in Ontario, OCC’s over-arching goal is to build a world renowned business environment that creates a more competitive Ontario.