Support new bridge for Michigan’s sake

Livingston Daily

Letters to the Editor

It is time for our local politicians to support the New International Trade Crossing to Canada. The only people benefiting from the Ambassador Bridge is the billionaire owner, Matty Moroun, and local politicians taking large campaign contributions.

The public bridge will not cost the taxpayers one cent and will create thousands of jobs. Competition will lower crossing tolls and save area businesses shipping time & money. It costs $4 to cross the Ambassador, which is the highest toll fee for an international bridge crossing in North America.

Additionally, Michigan could use the $3 billion in matching federal road tolls to fix our roads.

It is time to end this game our politicians are playing when they support whomever gives them the large campaign donations. The monopoly at the border has to stop. Don’t believe misleading TV ads run by the Moroun family. It is time to move Michigan forward.

Think about what we get from the private bridge owner, nothing except long waiting times to cross and expensive tolls. Call your representative and tell him to support the public international bridge crossing for Michigan’s sake.