Lawmakers to tour bridge

The Windsor Star

A group of Michigan and Canadian lawmakers will join representatives from the Ambassador Bridge on Monday to tour the bridge as well as the proposed site of a second Detroit River crossing.

The tour, organized by Republican Senator Mike Kowall, chairman of the state senate’s economic development committee, will be an effort to understand the impact a new bridge would have on both countries.

Instead of trying to persuade the politicians on the tour to either support or oppose a new bridge, Mike Murray, Kowall’s chief of staff, says the tour is simply a way to provide more education on the issue.

“In short, it’s one thing to hear one side in a closed room when you’re 90 miles away from the site,” said Murray. “This tour is just a way to visit the areas that would be impacted, to help both sides get more information on the issue.”

Throughout the day, the tour group will hear presentations from individuals who support building a second bridge, as well as their opponents.

The committee is considering legislation that could allow Michigan to become involved in a project to build what is being called the New International Trade Crossing.

Gov. Rick Snyder favors building a new Detroit-Windsor bridge to improve the flow of passenger and commercial traffic.