Calley: Ambassador Bridge Info A ‘Bunch of Garbage’


An upbeat Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY today told reporters “we are probably pretty close” on nailing down legislative support for the proposed second bridge span between Detroit and Windsor.

He said he expects a vote in the fall when lawmakers return.

“The bridge will happen,” Calley said at the Farmers Market on the Capitol lawn today.

One source said some lawmakers have been reluctant to voice their support at this early juncture for fear of being targeted by opponents.

Calley said information from the owners of the private Ambassador Bridge is “a bunch of garbage.” He said some lawmakers have now concluded “they’ve been lied to,” regarding the company’s data. This revelation is helping the administration’s effort to move the project along.

Over the summer the LG has worked with community leaders who, according to the strategy, are asking lawmakers to cough up a “yes” vote.

Calley said there are “half a dozen different ways” to do this project, but he is sticking with his favorite option of doing it with legislative support. He did not disclose what the other options might be, only saying the legislative route is “not the only one.”

Asked about the vote tally at this read, he declined to say, adding that “the only vote I care about” is the final vote — and any nose counting prior to that is a “fruitless exercise.”