New International Trade Crossing is top priority for Rep. Jeff Farrington

State Rep. Jeff Farrington Gets Real with Patch
Patch sits down with State Rep. Jeff Farrington (R-Utica) for a little Q and A.

By Marina Cracchiolo

Shelby-Utica Patch: What issues are you most concerned with?

Rep. Jeff Farrington: It’s basically everything.

1. Job growth in Michigan and a creating a culture for jobs.

2. Taking control of government spending and stop spending more money than the government has.

Shelby-Utica Patch: What are your plans/goals for the future?


1. Lower taxes for business owners.

2. Get NITC Bridge, New International Trade plan from Detroit to Canada approved.

3. Lower regulation: Too many companies are being pushed away from doing business in the state.

4. Make access to capital easier for small and midsize businesses.

Shelby-Utica Patch: How are you handling the recall efforts against you?

Sidebar information: The MEA, Michigan Education Association, has targeted Farrington as one of the 20 Republican lawmakers who voted to cut school funding, weaken teacher tenure protection and give more power to emergency managers.

Farrington: I haven’t taken it too seriously. It’s a distraction and a political ploy.

Shelby-Utica Patch: During your campaign you talked about higher education being important to you. How would you respond to people who have challenged your statement, saying that if education was so important, why did you vote in favor of the school funding cuts?


I disagree with them entirely. Education, as far as K-12, was not nearly as touched as others departments in the state’s budget.

Also, teacher tenure is great for the students. That’s what it’s about, the students and not the personal need of educators. Beyond keeping the budget in line, we did teacher tenure to make sure the children are getting their education.

Sidebar information: This is Farrington’s first term as the state representative for Utica and parts of Sterling Heights. Farrington took office in January. For more information, or to contact Farrington, click here