Bridge over Detroit River gets her goat

Lake Orion Review

Letters to the Editor

A proposed new bridge over the Detroit River, known as the New International Trade Crossing, is supported by Gov. Snyder; former governors Granholm, Engler, Blanchard, and Milliken; Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson; GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and Toyota; Michigan’s farmers; the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News; the Canadian government; the U.S. government; on and on.

So why are some (mostly Republican) state legislators holding out on approving this?

It seems so obvious, so transparent. I wonder if rival Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun is spreading more than misinformation, to have such opposition to the new public/private bridge.

He stands to lose his monopoly, and lots of money is at stake. He hasn’t exactly been a good corporate citizen. Moroun has owned the historic Michigan Central Depot for years, and he’s allowed it to deteriorate to the point that it’s become a worldwide symbol of Detroit’s ruin.

If only he had used his wealth to create a symbol of Detroit’s rebirth. He’s the antithesis of corporate citizens like Dan Gilbert and Mike Illitch, who have bought Detroit properties and restored them. It makes me nervous to know that one private citizen—and not a very trustworthy one—controls a major, crucial border crossing between the United States and Canada.

Approving the new bridge—which will not involve any Michigan tax dollars—will help improve Michigan’s economy right now (construction jobs), and position Michigan for future growth once it is open for business, allowing for freer flowing trade.

Amy Marcaccio Keyzer,

Orion Township resident