Readers’ response – In favor of a new bridge to Canada

Livingston Daily

When we asked our Reader’s Panel if Michigan should work on a public/private partnership to build a new bridge to Canada, we got many responses. Below are all of the responses from people in favor of building a new bridge. Comments have been slightly edited for spelling, capitalization and clarity.

To ease traffic congestion — Lynn Sellers

It will put people to work. I don’t feel one family should own the only link between Detroit and Canada. — Edith Salyer

Relief of truck traffic in both Detroit and Windsor, reduce long lines of cars/trucks at Detroit Bridge when that occurs I like competition! — Michael Houran

To ease the flow of traffic. — Deborah Suiter

In the future I believe we will need a second span. The circumstances presented by our neighbors in Windsor and Ontario, present a vision of how they want their traffic to be routed. We should cooperate with thin in helping to make the whole region a better place to live. The proximity of the Del Ray community to the steel making complex on Zug Island as well as the other Industrial Processing Facilities in the area, make it really unsuitable for the neighborhood development. — Tom Little

If the funding is there. I don’t want the state to go any further in debt if we can’t afford it. It would ease congestion to have another way to get to/from Canada. Also could add jobs. — Michelle Vincent

It is too congested when you go to downtown Detroit. — Greg Smigielski

There seems to be a need for it and the funding is available now. The only real opposition seems to be from the owners of the Ambassador Bridge, who will lose money if this goes though. — Heather Knop

We need to prepare for the future. It will provide jobs and make Michigan easier to get to, which would mean money coming into the state. My understanding is that in the end, most of the cost will be covered by private investors. — Gerri Andrews

I believe we do need a second bridge. Canada will not allow the owners of the Ambassador Bridge to build a second bridge next to the first one because of the horrible traffic congestion in Windsor and they do not want to build a second one anywhere else. — Cheryl Touhey

Tie ups at borders are getting out of hand. — Anne Levy

Only if it’s needed. — Bette Kelly

International bridge should be owned by the people of Michigan and not an independent business man who has already shown his hand at playing politics. — Greg Perkins

Tired of the long wait time to get through, it has been needed for more than 30 years! — Karen Butler

To help the economics in Michigan, a quicker better way is needed. — Gary Dragan

Need to have another crossing point. Last year when the Sarnia crossing was offline, traffic was forced to go with the Windsor/Detroit crossing  — long lines happened. Also, the new crossing will help trucks, by not having them go through Windsor before the main highway — Ted Pfeiffer

It is strange a private entity owns the bridge. It is an international crossing, a public entity should own it. — Gretchen Hertz

Relieve traffic, help move business faster — Adam Williams

We need another bridge to handle all the truck traffic — Diane Monaco

Improve trade — Mary Scheloske

We need one — Jose Ruiz

The amount of traffic between the two countries demands it — Larry Newman

This is one of the busiest border crossings with Canada and the only one with just a single bridge for commercial traffic. To make a viable second bridge, it has to be separated by distance from the existing one in order that a single event would be less likely to close both bridges. I believe that it is also better to move the commercial traffic to an area away from the congestion on both sides in order to decrease the time in crossing and there by making it more likely to allow for an increase in the commercial traffic. — Ron Charette

A second span is needed to provide for traffic flow — Jane Baxter

I would rather have a private owned. However, I feel Windsor will never approve the expansion as they do not want the truck traffic going through the business district — Elaine Samson

I understand the old bridge is aging and the owner would like to build another one themselves. The financing agreement with Canada sounds very good for both the U.S. and Canada. I do not like them buying the depot and letting it become an eyesore, that is so irresponsible! Is it possible to use the old bridge and the new one as one-way traffic. — Joan Thomas

Bridge has only one span and is vulnerable to attack. Current bridge is not being maintained well enough. — Sherry Spehar

I don’t look at it competing with the present bridge but rather to help with our abundant amount of truck traffic delivering goods back and forth. I have been on the bridge as long as 1 1/2 hours at times. I can only see this as a plus not to mention the number of jobs it would create. — Judith DesMarais

Would alleviate long waits at the border. — Bob Culver

I think it would make bridge traffic move more quickly, it would bring some construction jobs to the state, and I think the owners of the Ambassador Bridge have been dishonest in their advertising and other propaganda. — Beth Smith

The current bridge is a mess and we also need a backup in this uncertain world we live in. Also the current bridge owner is free to raise rates at his will. The Big Mac Bridge is a money maker, so why can’t this one be too? — Doug Becker

The current bridge does not meet the needs of the people, trucks. I have family living in Windsor and they also feel that a second bridge is needed. — Sharon Powell

Don’t think Detroit can afford it and don’t think we really need it — Sherry Korbie

For the sake of future business development — Susan Thomas

International trade= Economic growth. This issue is a simple one to understand. — Robert Lupton

More access. Less congestions on current bridge. — Paula Bullard

Major construction projects such as this bridge will take many years to complete. if we wait until traffic studies show it is required it will result in traffic congestion for years, while we wait for it to be built. When the second bridge was built in Port Huron, the traffic using it far exceeded the projects within a very short time. — Bruce Gearns

I think it would be good for the economy. — Gail L. Foresman

The Ambassador Bridge is way post it’s prime, and having a second bridge would allow better transportaion flow. Anyone who has sat on that bridge for 2+ hours would agree. — Suzanne Skwarski

Traffic moves extremely slow with the present bridge — Joe Peterson

There needs to be a more modern bridge with more lanes to provide for trade growth between Michigan and Canada in the future. Any new bridge should be owned by the public. The current privately owned bridge has been source of great wealth to the family that owns it and they have not provided any support for the community around it, much less make added profits from illegal gas pump stations instead of completing their responsibilities to complete the ramp requirements with the government funded entrance off I-75. Obviously, money is more important [to] the bridge owners than community responsibilities. — Ed Wyrembelski

This will provide construction jobs plus, with infrastructure improvements, it’s true that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ The opportunity of faster passage from Detroit to Windsor and visa versa will brow the business crossing in that area. — Dennis Galloway

More competition. Would relieve congestion at current bridge and tunnel — Carol Rembor

The existing bridge company needs the competition. They know now, that they will have to compete against a company/government that is better than they are. The monopoly is over for them. — Thom Ostafin

It would relieve traffic jams, commerce between U.S. and Canada would improve with better flow of traffic, and the monopoly of the privately owned bridge needs to be open to competition. — Dorothy Zayan-Coppola

Another bridge is important as an alternative in case the existing bridge or tunnel have maintenance problems or are closed for terrorist attacks, or a ship runs into one and damamges it. It’s important to have additional back-up border crossings, as well as another route for commerce to try. Finally, it’s important that America’s link to Canada isn’t soley the existing one in private hands. The private owner makes millions of dollars, yet could shut off the flow of traffic if he wanted. This proposed bridge would not cost Michigan tax payers any money- but would be a shot in the arm for the whole economy. Build it! — Jim Pratt

The USA and Canada need to have better options for commerce to move back and forth between the countries. What we will also need to do, however, is keep some commerce in the State of Michigan itself (not just travel through). — Mark Trudeau

Ever since I read in the paper that the owner of the Ambassador Bridge was in the process of buying up the land that would be needed for the new bridge, not to try to stop them, but to make a profit, I felt he really wasn’t too worried about having two! — Karen Schulkins

Why not have a little competition? Plus it would create jobs for Michigan. Much, much needed! — Stacy Plante

The additional bridge is needed to accomodate the traffic across the border. It is an investment in Michigan’s future — Kathleen Goetsch

Well most people listen to the propaganda put out without checking the facts. The negative ads were put out by the owner of the existing bridge. He does not want competition. Plus the borders are busy with waits. We need more options. And it is true we won’t be paying for it and it would benefit with money coming from the federal gov. People are stupid and don’t check the facts. And the media likes to print one side and not always check. So I research myself to decide. — Sharon Heath

Competition is always good. We need to keep the trade between the two North American countries intact. — Bonnie White

I have not heard any good arguments why it shouldn’t be build and we definitely need a second bridge. — Jane Weitzel

Canadian officials have made it VERY clear that they do not want the new bridge to be located near the current Ambassador Bridge location. They are paying for part of this. Let Maroun build the new bridge(s) in the location that the Canadians have requested and just keep the old one where it is. — Michael Scholtz

We need the additional capacity to prevent backlogs and delays at the border crossing. — Bob Smith

Provide competition to the current entity — Michael Adrian

Because it would help move truck traffic faster across the border and also would help to make customs faster when crossing the border. — Ed Schroeder

There are 3 main reasons I feel this way. Primarily, it will alliviate congestion at the border crossing. A secondary bridge will allow for a better flow of traffic to and from Canada for both commuters and international transport (trucking) of goods. In addition, competition with the existing border crossing/bridge, will only encourage both parties to provide the best possible services and operational efficiancies to the customer. Finally, like most large infrastructure improvement endeavors, it will provide the beneficial consequence of additional employment in the short and long term. — Vince Bond

The Ambassador bridge is old. — Kenneth Ciszewski

Anything which has the ability to add competition and opportunity for greater business activity will help the Michigan economy. Building the bridge will add jobs when we need them the most. — Jim Jonas

It is needed to keep Michigan as the leading port to Canada. — Jerry Lindsay

Traffic over the bridge is ‘always’ heavy and backed up. A second bridge would hlep to east the traffic on the tunnel and existing bridge — John Utter

Good for commerce, and will create a means to alleviate bottlenecks at the other international bridges & tunnel. — Mary C. Scott

Current span is old and a bottle neck for traffic. — Bill Wilkin

I think that any money coming from a bridge should come to Michigan. No one should be able to get rich by owning a bridge. — Rochelle Andros

I feel that the current bridge is getting older and in need of repairs, and people could use an alternate choice in case of repairs, or just the fact that the bridge gets backed up (when there is an accident). I really have not looked into all of the pros and cons but if it does not cost taxpayers and arm and a leg with the profit going to a private citizen it will help all of us. — Claudia Kulling

Looking forward, and pre-planning never hurts. — Les Prieskorn