We’ve waited too long for a bridge

By Kate MacKenzie, The Windsor Star

So now, it’s Michigan’s turn to delay the bridge plans? This has become preposterous.

I remember and sometimes still sit in horrific border backups following the terrorist acts of 9-11 and both sides of the river agreed that something had to be done “immediately” to ease the border pain. It was proposed then to build a second crossing.

That plan was nixed with the brilliant rationale that a new bridge would take 10-plus years to build and we needed to address border congestion “right now.” Guess what? Here we are, nearly 10 years later, and absolutely nothing has happened. Unless you count the boardedup homes that have sprung up in the west end, ruining the landscape and decreasing property values. Seems like nothing’s been done about that, either.

For the sake of us all who live in a border city, let Rick Snyder go ahead with his plans. Or let Matty Moroun build his bridge. But do something.

It’s way past time to get off the pot. This one’s been overflowing for too many years, almost 10.