Tell lawmakers you want the new bridge

The Muskegon Chronicle

Manuel “Matty” Moroun is wrong, and he is trying to mislead Michigan taxpayers about the New International Trade Crossing. Moroun, a Detroit billionaire and owner of the Ambassador Bridge, wishes only to expand his empire. Michigan needs to look to its future and build a new bridge that will provide safe and reliable trade and commerce with Canada.

Moroun’s wish to have a second span built at the Ambassador Bridge will never happen. Why? Because Canada will not give him the permits to build the span. Canada does not want more traffic, congestion and security issues in the Windsor neighborhoods adjacent to the Ambassador Bridge.

That is why Canada is paying $550 million, Michigan’s share of a new bridge, to construct the New International Trade Crossing two miles downriver from the Ambassador Bridge, in an area that can support bridge traffic and directly connects Highway 401 in Canada and I-75 in Michigan. Michigan taxpayers have no financial liability for the new bridge. Canada will be repaid with tolls.

In addition to a new bridge, Michigan will also get more than $2 billion in federal highway funds so we can make much needed repairs to our roads, create 10,000 construction jobs, and ensure Michigan’s future in international trade for years to come.

Please support the New International Trade Crossing, and make sure lawmakers know that you expect them to support the bridge, too.

Arlis Randall